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We are a supplier not only of measuring technology, but also of various metrology services.
Of course, all service and calibration for the supplied machines and gauges.
In addition, we offer a number of additional services related to quality control:

  • Calibration (even accredited) of machines supplied by us
  • Calibration of gauges of all brands
  • Service and maintenance of measuring machines and gauges
  • Rental of measuring machines
  • Custom measurement
  • Training and programming
Nabídka služeb

Calibration (even accredited) of 3D optical measuring machines

We are professionally trained by the manufacturer of Micro-Vu machines to perform technical settings (adjustments) and calibration of all measuring machines of this manufacturer.
We only use special calibration aids from the machines manufacturer for calibration, in order to ensure the highest standard of performed calibrations. The output of each calibration is a calibration certificate. Upon agreement with the customer, we will be happy to perform an accredited calibration of the measuring machine.

Calibration of gauges

In cooperation with our partners, we perform calibration of all gauges. Each calibration includes gauge cleaning, basic service, and calibration with the issuance of an accredited calibration certificate.
For a large number of gauges for calibration, we offer free pick-up and delivery.
For a price list of calibrations, see HERE.

Service and maintenance of measuring machines and gauges

We have our own parts warehouse and a specially trained team of service technicians, so we handle 95% of repairs in one service.
We know all the machines to the last screw, so we can solve a lot of problems by phone or email.

Rental of measuring machines

Not sure if you'll use the machines for 100 %? Need a machine only for the current project (short-term or long-term)? We will be happy to lend/rent the machine to you and provide complete support.
The current possibilities are based on the current availability of the machines for rent.

Custom measurement

We have a fully equipped measurement center with several 3D measuring machines of various sizes. No measurement task is so complicated or too big for us.
In the case of occupied capacities, we have several other partners who also have other types of measuring machines.

Training and programming

We provide maximum support for all supplied machines, including training and programming.
We offer training in several forms, as individual training at our place or at your place, as well as mass training.